2332 MILL GROVE ROAD, 15241


From Mayview Road, turn left or right on Morrow Road, Turn Right onto Mill Grove (no signs in USC)


Nice Classical sofa and 2 side chairs, Victorian marble top parlor table, Pair of iron twin beds, Girls bedroom furniture, single bed with 1/2 canopy, round kitchen table /3 chairs, office credenza, walnut dining table with mid century chairs, drop leaf side table, area rugs, desk

steamer trunk, umbrella stand, 2 decorative fireplace screens

costume jewelry

Mc Cutchen framed and signed shirt

China: Port Meirion,  Marselis Danish Pottery, Vintage kitchen ware, nesting bowls,  Xmas dishes and glassware

Lighting, prints,

Electronics, receivers

 puzzles, games, some vintage toys, golf clubs, fishing rods

Lawn mower, snow blower,  tools, small workshop of items

patio set, grill,


P1140475   P1140471

P1140474 P1140473

P1140534   P1140535

P1140472   P1140469

P1140468  P1140481

P1140482   P1140511

P1140491   P1140492

P1140493  P1140494

P1140495   P1140496

P1140497   P1140498

P1140514  P1140515


P1140518   P1140519

P1140520   P1140523

P1140513  P1140512

P1140483   P1140484


P1140506   P1140526

P1140488   P1140479

P1140486   P1140490

P1140507   P1140508

P1140510   P1140509


P1140530   P1140531

P1140532   P1140533

P1140536  P1140537

P1140465  P1140525

P1140499   P1140500

P1140527   P1140528

P1140501   P1140502

P1140503   P1140504


P1140466   P1140467

P1140521  P1140522

P1140539   P1140540



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