2017 NOBLE STREET, 15215



From Route 28 N. take the Highland Park Bridge Exit (Exit 6), Take Ramp toward Sharpsburg, Keep right toward Sharpsburg, 1st Right is 23rd street, straight to Noble then make a left.

If you pass the house it may be difficult to turn around.  Park when you turn onto Noble. Its only 1 block.



Antique ice box and 1930’s Porcelain stove

Collectibles and Vintage Items

Antique mantle clock

Tyco, Plasticville, AHM,  accessories, etc

Tons of 1990’s Burger king collectible toys, all in original packaging (complete sets, Pokeman 23K trading cards, Batman etc)

WWII uniforms

Vintage Xmas, Tree balls, aluminum tree in box

Furniture, sofa bed, recliners, bedroom, small old tables, kitchen set with 4 chairs, patio furniture.

kitchenware,  china, art books, religious statues

tools, yard tools , shop vac


P1140324   P1140325


P1140327   P1140328


P1140322   P1140333

P1140346   P1140347


P1140321   P1140323

P1140329   P1140330

P1140331   P1140332

P1140335   P1140336

P1140337   P1140338

P1140340   P1140343

P1140341   P1140342


P1140315   P1140316

P1140317   P1140318


P1140348   P1140349

P1140350   P1140351

P1140353   P1140354



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